Friday, May 6, 2011

Adolescent Alligators and the Adorable Angels who Admired them.

We have found so many things to do with ourselves that cost little to nothing since moving to our new town, that I decided to share a little series called Free Fun in Florida. This is partly aimed at tempting friends and family members to visit us down here in our little corner of tropical paradise, the sooner the better. Not least amongst these inducements are the little angel-faces pictured below that will accompany you on all these delightful (and economical) excursions.

Meet your tour guides:

This is your senior tour guide. Her vast knowledge of every topic
will be sure to enlighten you.
Tour Guide No. 2: Listen closely or you may be confused into thinking that "dragonflies"
are actually called "american flags" or vice versa. Watch out, lizards she hands you
may not actually be alive.

Tour guide No. 3: If you are on the timid side, stick close to Ingrid.
She will be sure to warn you if there is any hint of the slightest danger.

But don't expect her to share her favorite safe perch with you.

Are you ready? Let's go!
Tucked away in the middle of a suburban jungle,
where you'd least expect to find it,
and only 15 minutes from our house,
there is a large preserve area where you can see all kinds of
Florida wildlife at very close range.

We have been here once before, and on that occasion we very easily spotted several full-grown alligators and myriads of turtles and fish. On this visit we found no adult alligators, but scores of "toddler" alligators. The cute little tykes swam around so cunningly, snapping at minnows and grinning sardonically at passerby. Still sporting their baby stripes, but looking in every other way like miniature versions of their parents, they may be small,
but they most definitely are NOT cute and cuddly.

This guy was about the size of a miniature yorkie. Precious, isn't he?

Alligators are an animal that I just can't summon up any affectionate feelings for.
But as a transplanted Michigan girl, they still hold a certain fascination for me,
and the novelty of seeing them in our own back yard
(No, not literally - Calm down Aunt Robin!) still hasn't worn off.

Does this seem a little ho-hum to you?
Don't worry, you're in good company.

Total Cost: $0

Eat your heart out (before the alligators do).


Mike and Katie said...

My favorite place to visit in Florida is Wekiwa Springs. It's a nature preserve too. Swimming in the spring was really fun and canoing on the lake was great. So non-commecialized! Just my thing.

Bert Ernie said...

Very nicely done! Great photos and excellent dialogue~you get an A+.