Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All by our Two-sies

A few weeks ago I promised Theia I would take her on a special outing, just the two of us, as a reward for a scholastic achievement. Wow, I have never seen Theia so motivated. Every day there afterward she begged me to work with her on her school assignments so she could earn her "ow-ting" (as she so distinctly pronounces it) faster.

The day finally came, and she was giddy with excitement. We started with a trip to Target where I told her she could choose three things from the $1 section.

Theia is my little shopper. She was very excited with all the possibilities. Yeah, I was dorky enough to take out my big camera at Target. If Theia were a few years older, she probably would have been embarrassed.

She chose to get three neon light-up squishy things (I don't know what else to call them), one for herself and each of her sisters. Needless to say, I changed the limit from three to five after that magnanimous gesture.

Then we headed to one of our favorite waterside parks for some fun with one of her other choices, the butterfly shaped bubble wand.

We used water right out of the canal to make our bubble solution.

She was proud to be sporting the necklace she had made the night before.

After she tired of the bubbles (and the paparazzi), we took a little walk down Coffeepot Blvd. 
It is one of the pleasantest walks around.

And she is the pleasantest five year old around.


We took a surprise detour on the way home that brought us here:

So many choices

After deliberating for quite awhile

She finally chose Orange Pineapple

She pronounced it to be very good

I don't know who enjoyed this outing more, Theia or Mama. Jessie and I decided that we need to take turns doing this on a regular basis. Having four children all close together has it's share of wonderful, but it is easy to fall into a herd style of parenting sometimes. It was so nice to just focus in on the individuality of my oldest with no other distractions for a few hours.

I can't wait for my next kiddo date!

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Anonymous said...

Great "ow-ting!" This summer I began taking only one of the girls to the grocery store and doing something special with each one, ice cream, the park, buying a new dress. It has been so nice and they are much quieter too. However I have encountered a new problem. They get jealous of the others' outing until it's their turn. I guess I can't win them all.
Courtney Wert