Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ye Olde Facebook Statuses

It seems that most bouts of happy, carefree laughter in this house eventually end with a loud thud, followed by wails. I wish they could play without hurting themselves :(

explains for the umpteenth time that "ellemenno" is not a single letter of the English alphabet.

Emeth loves pulling the moss out of all the artificial plants in the house (and eating it). I do not share his enthusiasm for this activity.

"Mama, I think you're beautiful with a towel on your head." Ingrid's flattery knows no limits.

has given up on her last 40 winks. It's too hard when my face is being clawed and my hair is being pulled by an exuberantly affectionate 7month old. It's a good thing he's cute.

"Re-diclious" - one of Theia's favorite words, almost always said with palms held up and an all-knowing upward roll of the eyes. Cracks me up every time.

The homeschooling moment of the day goes to Eliza for this little tidbit of anti-knowledge: "The 'A' says 'buh', as in 'Dog'".

Woke up early this morning to Theia knocking on our door: "Daddy, I just coughed a little, so I think I might have a fever or something." (Ten minutes later) "Do you think you'll want to be getting up soon?"

Ingrid: "Mama, I think you're beautiful because I like that skirt you're wearing."
(can you tell that Ingrid keeps me buttered up pretty good?)

Sometimes I feel like I am actually dumber than I was as an 18 year old. I distinctly remember feeling smarter back then.

Theia: "Mommy, I reeeally want to watch a movie - just to give you some peace!"
(I didn't buy it)

"Here Mom, here's a thousand dollars for you" says Eliza as she hands me 20 cents in change.

Babies are such a nice shape to hold.

Usually I don't encourage playing with food, but when Eliza held up her noodle and said "Mom! Look what letter I made with my spaghetti!" I was proud.

Theia must really enjoy hearing me say the same thing six different ways.

When jessie returned from his errand this morning, Eliza excitedly explained to him that mommy caught some "tater tots", and we are going to watch them turn into frogs!

Ingrid calls me anxiously from across the room: "Mom! M-o-om! I think I'm scared!" Then the thunder crashed and removed all doubt.

Theia to Eliza: "Oh, don't worry Eliza. You are NEVER going to get old; not until you're like, fifty-five."

Ingrid: (politely) "Mommy, there's some peanut butter on my face, and I couldn't lick it off with my tongue. Can you wipe it off for me?"

Eliza: "Why didn't you name me Rudolph? Was it because I didn't have a shiny nose?"


hubina said...

oh, those are so precious.. I love your children.. life definitely has a different perspective through the eyes of a child.

Elizabeth said...

Seriously. I love reading these statuses!! They are such a good laugh at the end of my day. I can relate to them so much. Btw...we just started homeschooling now that my oldest is entering kindergarten. Today was our first day, so I was excited to see that you homeschool, as well! Best wishes to a new year!