Saturday, August 13, 2011

"down hair"

Everyone dreams of having hair like this, right?

Everyone except for those who come by it naturally, that is.

I think Theia wasn't even three years old when she began saying she wished she could have "down" hair, like Eliza and her cousin Josie. I actually wasn't really surprised. Since I grew up with a curly-haired sister, I've heard ALL the reasons why curly hair is the worst thing that could ever happen to a girl MANY times. Funny how she always manages to look amazing in spite of this sad trial of hers. (well, almost always ;)

We always affirm the girls and tell them they are beautiful just how God made them. And I think Theia realizes that people think her hair is special, so she is resigned. But today I decided to have a little girl time with her and Eliza while Ingrid was napping, and Theia requested that I "give her down hair". I have never tried to straighten Theia's hair before, and I didn't officially time it, but I think it took close to an hour.

The results are below. I think it looks more "downy" than "down". Once we went outside, the humidity did it's work, and by bedtime she had soft ringlets. I was relieved when she said she didn't want to do it again soon. An hour is a long time for a 5 year old to sit still!


Bev Fisch said...

I cannot believe how much older she looks, how long it is and how much Eliza looks like her with it this way. I think I like it curly, it's just not Theia with it straight.

Bert Ernie said...

Oh, Theia, Theia, I hope you will not want it too often. I was glad to hear that. Yes, she looks so beautiful, but I agree with Bev, she does look way too grownup. The pictures are great. I'm sure she will always love to see them - what a change. But, again, I agree with Bev, it's just not our Theia. We love her just the way she is!