Thursday, August 18, 2011

amen *bum-bum*

I have to tell you, Ingrid is the cutest, sweetest, most sincere little sayer of bedtime prayers I have ever witnessed. Every night I listen to her and my stomach goes all in knots because she's so adorable.
Lately (for reasons unknown to me) she has been finishing off her prayers with a hurried, " Jesus name, amen*bum-bum*" She thinks it's hilarious. I can tell she gets a little rushed towards the end because she just can't wait to tack that *bum-bum* (kind of like a tuba accompaniment to her prayer) on the end. Then she looks up at me with her silly grin and wrinkled little nose and says "I said amen-bum-bum" then delighted giggles and hugging herself. Tonight I said to her "Ingrid, you are so silly!" She giggled and answered, "Yeah, Jesus thinks I'm so silly!" She seemed really pleased by that idea.
I wish I could go wake her up and squeeze her again right now. :)

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Bert Ernie said...

Aww, squeeze her once for me too. Love to all.