Sunday, August 14, 2011

Full Circle

It always tugs at my heart a little when I have to pack away clothes that the girls have outgrown, but especially if it is something I have seen often on all three of them. It is such a tangible reminder that they are growing so fast. I love my children at every age, more than ever, but I still miss the stages that have already passed.

So many pleasant memories are associated in my mind with this little dress. Theia received it as a birthday present from Uncle Pat and Aunt Nadya on her second birthday.

It has been a favorite with all three girls.

(Theia on our Spring Lake babymoon, shortly after Ingrid's birth)

(Eliza by the open window in January 2009, the first morning of our new life in Florida)

(Ingrid opening presents on her second birthday)

Ingrid wore it for the last time a few days ago. I started to put it on a hanger, then suddenly recalled how short it had been on her, and how the snaps had gaped apart because it was tight around her chest when I had put it on her. You can't blame me for shedding a few tears when I took it off the hanger and instead folded it up to send along to my niece. I look forward to seeing it on Rebecca next. It's one of those dresses that makes sweet little girls even sweeter.


Bert Ernie said...

Oh, Holly, you actually brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing to see how small they were and to know how big they all are now. So beautiful to capture the history of such a sweet little dress. Only you, dear one... Thank you. ♥

thegrays4life said...

I would have cried, too. I am now, just thinking about my own girls growing up. Thanks a lot! ;-) Oh yeah, it really was an adorable dress! So great that there were special moments in it for each girl.