Sunday, July 20, 2008

35 Weeks! And stupider by the day...

This has been such an easy pregnancy! God is good. I do not feel like I'm only five weeks from delivering. We leave for Spring Lake in less than four weeks. We will be renting a house there and having a little vacation time until my labor starts (then the vacation is over!). We decided to travel across state for the second time because we are so attached to our midwives. Lately I have been clinging to things that make me feel at all intellectual. I know I'm not the only one who thinks pregnancy makes us 'stupider'. I can't finish a crossword without cheating, a lot. I used to pride myself on my vast array of random useless information (very helpful for solving crosswords), but lately I just can't beckon up the names of Egyptian deities or former Soviet bloc capitals that I know are lurking there somewhere. Maybe I am just so full of actual useful information now that the stuff I don't need every day gets crowded out. If that is true, then apparently forming an intelligent sentence isn't very vital, either. That whole subject, verb, direct object pattern is SO over-rated. Therefore I was THRILLED the other night when I watched Jeopardy and found that I knew the answer to Final Jeopardy was "He aint Heavy, He's My Brother"! I didn't know why I knew it, it was just there. I was all the more ecstatic when none of the three contestants (who weren't even pregnant, by the way) knew the answer. However, upon reflection, I realize that knowing the name of 70's top Billboard hits isn't really something that most people point to as proof of intellect capacity. So I'll keep plugging away at my Scrabble games. Because everyone knows that only extremely pointy-headed intellectuals are attracted to a game that depends so heavily on having a list of two-letter words such as 'Qi' and 'Ag' memorized.


MCK Mama said...

Thanks for you comments on my wedding shots:)

LOVE your profile...12 months and now 13 1/2 are my kind of girl!! Our boys are 19 months apart, and then boy and girl are 14 months apart and now our next two are slated to be 13 months apart!!

Best wishes with your last 5 weeks!!

Nyla said...

I love your new look! Glad you found the free site!
I always felt stupid the last few months or so too! More forgetfull than anything.
I always had my births in the hospital...but secretly yearned to do it with a midwife! I just didn't think I could handle it! You go girl!

Jen S said...

Great post, Holly! I can totally relate! And I'm glad I'm in the pointy head extremely intellectual category with you....see you on Scrabulous! :)Where, by the way, folks....Holly is fierce!

Love your blog's new look!

katie said...

I saw your post on Mck Mama's blog and just wanted to let you know that Graco also makes a "travel-lite" pack n play that is smaller than the regualr and fits through doorways. I don't know if you specifically wanted the co-sleeper function, but if not this might be a cheaper (?) way to go.

Like the tall pine, said...

Great post! It made me laugh! Your not stupid, just sharing your brain cells with your yet to be born child.

Sandra L.

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog. :) Nice to "meet" you. You have such a sweet family.

I had my daughter 5 months ago, and still feel like some of my brain cells are missing. I am hoping they return soon! :)

Hope you enjoy your last weeks of being pregnant!


t h a i t r a i t said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And thank you also for your sweet compliments. I cheat on crossword puzzles and I'm not even with child!