Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swimwear is NOT optional

Yesterday I had a friend over with her baby and the two kids she watches. While we were talking we noticed that Theia and my friend's 5 year old charge were splashing around with their hands up to their elbows in the pool. No big deal, we decided, they can get a little wet. Next thing I know my friend informs me, "Um, Theia's IN the pool". Sure enough I look out to see Theia sitting on her bottom right in the middle of the pool, fully clothed, including sandals. She looked pretty funny sitting there. But I inform her that we only play in the pool with bathing suits on, changed her clothes, and firmly instructed her to stay out of the pool for now. 10 minutes later we call the girls inside, and as Theia runs toward me I see my instructions have not been heeded. So, two smacks on the bum, which accomplish nothing except to produce a little puddle on the floor and draw a strange expression from Theia, who wonders what I'm doing since she can't feel anything through her waterlogged diaper.


Nyla said...

oh. that is funny! Kids are always getting into stuff!

Thanks for the thumb sucking advice. I may try that! Maybe we could shoot for the first day of school! I hope it works...I will try anything at this point!

Rogers Family said...

Haha... hilarious story! You tell it much better than I do!