Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Post

I've decided to start blogging, mainly as a journal to keep track of what our kids were doing at different stages. I am not a fan of scrap-booking - too much junk to keep organized, and then the fear that I will leave it out and have it all ripped to shreds by one of our adorable children one day.
So consider this our family's online scrapbook; just a place to record the cute sayings, doings, and growing of our little family.
I don't expect to ever get very fancy with this, but who knows, maybe I will surprise myself!

We are at the happy stage of watching a child learn to walk right now. Eliza took her first steps a couple weeks ago and is s-l-ooo-ww-l-y gaining more confidence to span distances on her own. Theia tries to "help" her, but they are so close to the same size that she ends up falling down herself when Eliza tries to use her for support. Not very safe.