Friday, July 25, 2008

Reaping the Fruits of our Labor

Just taking a walk through my Tomato Forest
Beans are Theia's favorite; she helps herself anytime she's playing outside
More go into her mouth than into the bag
Eliza "helps" too; she thinks the green ones are the best
Theia enjoys saying "zucchini" - such a fun word!
Broccoli and green onions. Yep, Momma needs to weed.
We are really enjoying our garden this year. Its so fun to see the girls react to the growing things in our yard, especially hearing Theia's pronunciations of them. We have Tomatoes, green peppers, beans, beets, broccoli, green onions, and basil. We had cilantro and lettuce too, but I let it go to seed. Oops :)

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4under3 said...

May I live vicariously through you and your fabulous garden? We tried to container garden this year because of Bambi and her family that frequent our neighborhood daily--heck, they lay in our yard during daylight, those darn animals. Anyways, I'm glad there are green thumbs like you in the world.

So, may I? Live vicariously through your growing ground? ;)

p.s. Nice to meet you, I'm Tiff. Thanks for stopping by.