Thursday, May 12, 2011

Life is a Beach (Free Florida Fun)

Obviously you can't talk about Free Florida Fun without mentioning the beach.

I am sure I have been to the beach at least twice as many times in the two years since we moved here than I had been in my entire 26 years of previous life. We are a beach loving family. And you can't hardly beat it in the "bang for your buck" department. Especially now that we live only 15 minutes from the beach.

Okay, yes, you do have to buy swimsuits and beach towels somewhere along the road. An umbrella and a few chairs don't hurt either. But when you consider how much you aren't spending on heavy winter coats, boots, hats, scarves, gloves, snow shovels, and ice melt every year, These purchases seem rather small in comparison.

We like to go there an hour or two before sunset when the crowds have thinned and it isn't quite so hot. This also saves money on sunscreen since you don't have to use as much, if any, by this time.

Trekking across the expansive desert to the water's edge.
Jessie is balancing a huge rubbermaid planter 
containing all of our beach toys, towels, and other necessities
on top of the double stroller.
He's  kind of a stud.

(If you are too embarrassed to walk next to us in this getup,
don't worry, the beach is very wide)

"Cheeeese-Peanut Butterrrr!"
is Eliza's mugging phrase of choice.
I'm not sure why. It's actually very unhelpful.

Once there, you can frolic in the waves 
with reckless abandon

or build a sand castle with Daddy

using the rubbermaid planter as a base.

You will probably have to pose for some pictures
before you leave.

And you might be wrangled 
into holding a baby for awhile.

C'mon. You know you wanna.

Total Cost: Well, ok, this beach does have metered parking. $3 (plus gas and blah blah blah).


Bert Ernie said...

Very nice shots, I must say. And your castle puts Grandma's to shame. Joy and I agree that going to the beach with your family is definitely a highlight of any trip to Florida.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, these pictures make me miss Florida! We used to live 45 minutes from New Smyrna Beach...Tasty Gold Ice Cream...JB's Fish Camp (if you haven't been must go!)...and the sand, waves, and sunshine!! Tears...

You have a beautiful family! :)