Thursday, May 5, 2011

ye olde facebook statuses

Eliza, proudly: "Mama! Ingrid can say FORK now!" - "Oh! Um.......good." *that is not the way either of them pronounce that word*

"Ingrid, pull your pants up!" - "No, I'm good."

Theia (with her hand on the doorknob): "Hey Mom! I'm going out into the world to pick flowers!"
Ingrid to Jessie: "I like your head, Daddy!" I guess she doesn't want him to feel left out of the hair compliments.

In the quest of some peace and quiet this morning, I sent the girls outside to play, except for Theia, who told me "No, I'll stay inside with you Mom, so you'll have someone to talk to." Can't really say no to that now, can I?

I think the girls need a lesson on relations. Within the last 5 minutes Theia has asked whether she came out of my belly or grandma's belly, and Eliza has told me a story about "Uncle Grandma."

I have become very adept at undoing buckles one-handedly, due to the fact that Ingrid thinks it is her sacred, un-shirkable duty to make sure that all buckles on Emeth's bouncer, swing, or carseat are properly fastened at all times, baby within or not.

Theia: "Can we please take a nap?" - Me: (surprised) "You sure can!" - Theia: "I actually meant can we have a drink of soda." Nice try.

Theia to Jessie: "Yes, oatmeal sounds GREAT for a snack! You're such a good snacker-boy!"

Eliza: "Mama! I just found a big frog in our backyard, and it's a MIRACLE!"

Emeth is very annoyed with me because I can't stop coughing while he's nursing. I didn't know a 2 month old could glare like that

I am now listening to the girls play "hide in the sink" as Eliza calls it. I'm glad they aren't playing it literally.

Staring at my sleeping son and wondering what he'll look like when he grows up.

 Eliza: "Sometime I want to go somewhere where we can see bats and pigs - cause I've never seen bats OR pigs!"

Eliza: (during the pink-eye epidemic) "Aren't my eyes beautiful when they're pink?" I hate to break it to her, but no. Pink does not always equal beautiful. (Longest 10 days of my life, by the way)
What Jessie and I hear from Ingrid many times a day: "Daddy/Mommy, I so like you. I so so SO like you."

I'll admit, it's been a really rough week with sickness and whatnot. but Ingrid is now potty-trained, and Emeth laughed today, so it hasn't been all bad :). (Note: feb 17, Emeth’s first laugh)

Theia was all giggles tonight after Emeth burped right in her face in response to her wishing him a good night.

 People think children are expensive, but really they've saved me so much money in what I didn't spend at yard sales because I couldn't pull over and browse with all of them in tow.

I love it when Emeth smiles and kicks his little feet in excitement when he sees me crossing the room to pick him up out of his swing. It's nice to be so popular.

Eliza: "Actually Mom, I DO want to go for a walk; I LIKE for my legs to hurt!"

I so enjoy hearing Theia say "tony-nails" that I can't bring myself to correct her most of the time.

Theia to Jessie, giddy with excitement: "I get to help Mommy clean my bathroom!"

Just watched Emeth roll from his tummy to his back unassisted and on a flat surface for the first time. Now he's trying to roll back with his whole might and main. (Note: Mar 6, Emeth rolls over. 3 months exactly)

Eliza: (To my sister at the end of her visit) "Are you going to stay here for a little while, and then go home?" Rachel:"Yes, I will go home this afternoon." Eliza:"I think that's a good idea. I would like to sleep in my bed again."

Theia (singing): "It's a worry-freeeee......economy - Hakuna Matata!" It's easy to forget lyrics when you don't know the meanings of half of the words...

He's really cute, but I wish he would GO TO SLEEP!

One of these days, while I'm checking facebook with him draped over my arm, he's going to puke all over my keyboard. I just know it.

At 14 weeks Emeth already weighs more than Ingrid did at 8 months. (15 lbs)

Theia: (thoughtfully) "I really don't know who I'm going to marry when I grow up." (pauses - then, emphatically) "But, I would LOVE it if I could marry Uncle Warren."

Emeth seemed pretty out of sorts tonight before the diaper change in which he managed to "fire hose" me. That cheered him right up.

My girls are so creative in their production of messes. today we've even had a "cleaning mess" created when Eliza took a rag, got it sopping wet, and proceeded to clean her mirrored closet doors with it. just follow the trail of puddles...

I don't think anyone can get bigger smiles and laughs out of Emeth than... Emeth. That boy loves the mirror.

Why do children universally take one bite out of the middle of their peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and continue biting straight down the middle until the contents are smeared halfway back to their ear lobes?

After being pestered repeatedly I said to Eliza in exasperation "No, Eliza, we are not having that tonight - how many times do I need to say no before you will believe me?" She hesitated, then answered timidly "Um...three?" I guess I should make a note of that.