Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Life would certainly be a whole lot simpler if everyone in our house enjoyed eating like this as much as Jessie and I do.

But I'm afraid if I put this plate down in front of one of the girls, they would seriously question whether their mother actually loved them.


Mike and Katie said...

Ha, ha! That's the trick. Don't put it down in front of them. Make youself a nice plate and then sit down some where nice to relax and eat it. If it's anything like my house, you'll have three little girls swarming like flies saying, "May I have some?" "Have some?" and "Ummmm?"

Jessie's Girls said...

Oh, how true that is! It actually worked today at lunch when we had whole wheat spaghetti with homemade pesto. I didn't even serve it to the girls, but they saw it on our plates and requested it for themselves. I guarantee that if I put it on their plates first, lunch would have been a sad affair.

*Jess* said...

oh yum!!

When my daughter was 2 and 3, she'd eat anything. Indian food, Thai food, any veggie, any sauce. Now she's 9 and only wants chicken fingers and pizza! I am still trying to figure out what happened.

Yes I Blog said...

That looks WONDERFUL!!!

I told my 3 year old the other day we were having Sweet Potatoes for dinner, he was all excited...you should have seen his face when I put the plate in front of him with grilled (not baked and covered in mini marshmallows) sweet potatoes. He told me I was a lier and cried!


I'll be back by! Your blog is so beautiful...I love the colors and the classy clean look!