Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ye Olde Facebook Statuses

Eliza, mixing up children's songs: "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly....and Bingo was it's name-O!"

We finally had the appliance repairman out to look at our washer this morning since it has been taking forever to drain and spin. The culprit? Seven baby socks collected in a grimy, impenetrable mass in the drain. I wondered why Emeth had so many unmatched socks!

Contrary to popular belief, the presence of large amounts of candy in the house does not increase the happiness of young children.

Since we got our swingset, the girls get up about an hour earlier than usual and head straight outside to play. And Ingrid now calls our backyard "The Park".

Reviewing opposites with Theia. Did you know that the opposite of 'beautiful' is 'boys'?

Ingrid's naptime request: "Can I just sleep in my belly?"

Theia: "Mommy, I need to go get a q-tip for Emeth's ears. They are so dirty - I saw a booger in one of them!" (P.S. it was NOT a booger!)

Earlier Eliza came to us with a handful of hair, explaining that, her hair was too long so she cut some off. Should I put "Tangled" on the shelf for awhile?

Eliza shows drawing to Jessie: "Daddy, this is a witch, and she's mad." Moments later she walks to my side of the table and shows same drawing to me: "Mommy, this is you, and you're mad." --- Now hold on just a minute!

I love it when Emeth gets so excited, he just has to bite something.

And now we have come to that point in the evening where all the children are asleep and I can finally tackle that mental list I've been accumulating all day just for this moment. Except now that it's here, all I want to do is to go to bed myself.

I've been thinking about how much more productive I could be if my family didn't eat, or wear clothes.

"Eliza, do you like my haircut?" - "No, I don't like it cuz it's not very pretty, and I wanted them to cut it just like mine." If you ever want a candid opinion, ask Eliza.

It is very difficult to type one's status with one finger whilst one's 5-month old is trying his hardest to rip one's glasses from one's face.

Eliza has been repeatedly measuring my height with daddy's measuring tape and informing me that I "weigh" "forty-nine ten".

Well, THAT was an epic diaper change.

I love it when Eliza asks me "What on earth are you doing, Mom?!"

At a neighbor's garage sale Eliza stood with her hands behind her back, keenly observing the very outgoing elderly gentleman in the wheelchair for some time before politely inquiring "Sir, are you old?"

"Miss Bev! You have sandals like Jesus!" But I actually don't think Jesus ever wore crocs.

Theia, intently watching the "I am 16 Going on 17" part of The Sound of Music says, "I wish I could be 16. When am I going to be 16?" - Not for a VERY long time, little girl!

I actually enjoyed handwashing two days worth of dishes on our patio this morning. It's too nice a day to waste it on a bad mood. However, I will welcome the appliance repairman with great enthusiasm tomorrow!

I hate sorting through Emeth's drawers. Packing away all the clothes he will never wear again is a very melancholy task; and such a frequently recurring one too!

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