Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Bouquet

We made a simple gift for Mother's Day this year that is great for sentimental grandmothers. I even got  a little sentimental myself while I was making it.

I saw the tutorial for these simple no-sew flowers over on MADE and decided to do a little more of a personalized take on it. I am big on saving cute dresses that the girls have destroyed (and therefore rendered un-donate-able) simply for using as scrap fabrics. I wasn't sure that they would come out looking "gift-worthy" when I started, but I ended up really liking them, especially after putting them in their cheery yellow vase (anchored with floral foam). I will definitely make more of these.
(Tip: I used kebab skewers instead of the wooden dowels used in the tutorial because I had a big package of them. The pointy tips were great for sticking into the foam. I also did not think it necessary to cover the bases with felt.)

Below are Eliza and Theia wearing some of the clothes
used for the bouquet. Ingrid has worn these dresses too,
I just don't happen to have any photographic proof.

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