Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ahoy there, Mateys!

We've been working hard at walking this baby out every day. And, I can report that we seem to be on track, judging from the symptoms I've been having. But, I make no promises :). Jessie's co-workers think we are crazy for taking a vacation to have a baby, as if we can predict its arriving during the allotted time. So, Jessie is very motivated (not that being motivated makes a modicum of difference) to have me deliver as close to my due date as possible. Thus far though, I've been Old Reliable. Theia was born the day before her due date, and Eliza the day after. And I'm experiencing the same symptoms that I did several days before both of their births. Still, I really have no expectations and I'm happy to hang out for a while like this because we are really having so much fun with our girls. And now my Mom and three brothers are here. They arrived late last night. Theia was so excited to see them when she woke up this morning.
The Girls in the "Boat" at Mulligan's Hollow

Theia discovered Hanging

Just Another Beautiful Sunset on the Pier Theia asks to see the boats every day, several times a day. We love this Pier


Bert Ernie said...

Wow! Do I see you, Jessie, when I look at Eliza on this picture. Remember that picture of you in your little red turtleneck with your big blue eyes? That's it. Neat shot. Keep up the good work. Love you all.

Nyla said...

Love the pictures from the pier. You are so good with the camera. I will be praying for the birth of this new precious one!

Penny said...

That's a really cool sailboat picture. Looks like it should be in a sailing-themed calendar.

We're on pins and needles meet the little guy.... or girl. Ethan's hoping for a boy!

Michelle said...

Girl, I gotta give you props for all the walkin'. When my water broke with Hope I wasn't having contractions. My midwife told us to walk...and walk...and walk. For TWO days I walked and produced no contractions. Finally, between walking and a few other tried and true labor inducing tricks....labor ensued. I swore of walking when nine months pregnant after that.

Your girlies are just precious - I can't wait to see what you have next!

Robby said...

thanks so much for gifting us with your journaling Holly...i'm loving it...