Friday, August 22, 2008

Tantalizing Name Game

Since we have always tried unsuccessfully to keep our baby name choices secret in the past, we are especially proud of ourselves that nobody has even an inkling as to what our name choices are this time around. We ourselves did not know our boy name until just last night, for the simple reason that we had not chosen one. But now, they are more or less set in stone, unless the baby arrives looking entirely unlike a [insert boy name here], or a [insert girl name here]. We will however throw some hints out there and see if anyone gets close. Girl Name: More likely to be heard in Western Europe than in America, Reminiscent of a certain movie starlet. Middle Name: Has literary origins, rhymes with the name of a certain ruminant. Boy Name: Also has a European ring to it, character in a children's movie. Middle Name: Napoleon Bonaparte may have uttered this name frequently, more likely to be found in a dictionary than a baby name book. Happy guessing! No, you will not be rewarded with a confirmation if you guess correctly:)


Jen S said...

You are quite the teaser. I have given this too much thought already. I must go eat breakfast now! And since there is no confirmation if I guess correctly, I will not share my guesses. ;) I'm sure I've got it though....lovely names! ha ha

Katy Ann said...

You are too funny! I however love the fact that you keep your names secret. I think its more fun that way. I mean what if you already put whatever name all over the room and then they don't look like that... its not like you can take it back. I look forward to hearing what the new babies name is! I will need your strength when I have a child because I dont wnat to find out the sex or name it but I know I will be impatient!