Monday, August 18, 2008

Our Day in Pictures

Are these not the cutest little bloomers? I hope I'll be able to get out the blueberries that Theia managed to emblazon across her seat today.
"Just park us right here, Daddy. Yeah, that's good."
The theme of this picture is "Blue"
Eliza was happy to be liberated from the stroller finally. This was posed; we didn't really trust Theia
to carry around a bucket that full.
Eliza discovers the most direct route of picking blueberries.
Oh, wait, this is even better!

This requires both hands.


Nyla said...

The girls are so adorable. I love the picture with both hands in the bowl!
It is so special that you are getting this time with them before baby number 3 comes along!

Jen S said...

GREAT pictures! I love blueberries and that looks like so much fun. Have you read them the book, Blueberries for Sal? A must read! :)

Michelle said...

How ADORABLE! I cannot believe you are about to give birth and went blueberry picking!! I have apparently reached a new status of slug because I wouldn't do it at 3 months pregnant. Of course, I might have vomited everywhere....ew.

Robby said...

These blueberry beauties are so sweet. I love the ones of Eliza eating them off the bush and Theia's holding the full bucket was worth the risk for the pose. XOXOXO!!!!!

Bert Ernie said...

How great that you can all enjoy Spring Lake again before your real work begins. Looks like the girls enjoy it there as much as you two. Cute photos. Love you.

Lily Pad PR said...

those blueberries look AMAZING! The girls look darling too :) How are YOU feeling?

Holly said...

I am feeling great! Other than the shooting pelvic joint pains that happen pretty frequently.