Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 3 of Babymoon

This day was not what we planned it to be, but fun nonetheless. We had planned to make it a beach day, but it just wasn't warm enough and the girls didn't get a nap early enough.
We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast (of course!) and then left for a walk. We went to Ferry Park by the waterfront, then decided to continue down the bike path to another park with a larger playground. It was quite a long walk for me, but I need to be getting as much exercise as I can throughout these days since I haven't done as good a job at getting regular exercise with this pregnancy as I did with my other two.
We got home barely ten minutes before Patrice, Barb, and Amanda arrived for our home visit prenatal. We get along with these ladies so well - I am so glad that we have decided to come here again to deliver with them. We had lunch together (Pruebelo!) and checked out the bumperoo. Everything looks great; baby is head down, not posterior, and has great hearttones and movement. No trip to this town is complete without seeing "The World's Largest Musical Fountain", so we dutifully packed up the girls and brought them to the waterfront to pay our dues this evening. As always, the fountain proved to be a very impressive show of synchronized water, lights, and music, and it held the attention of a 1 and 2 year old for about 18 seconds. We spent most of the time laughing at Eliza's attempts to walk on the somewhat steep hill we were viewing the fountain from. She would get up and fall over and over and take off running down the hill, screaming with laughter, knowing that her Daddy would catch up with her and scoop her up before she got to the pavement. These girls are so fun - I just love 'em :).

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