Monday, August 4, 2008

Last Week - The Week of Many Photoshoots

After going through all the [absolutely adorable] pictures of our [breathtakingly beautiful] girls from the past week, I realized that it looks like our poor girls have a camera stuck in their face just about 24/7. This is not really the case - this week we've just had photography on the mind since we were gearing up to get the girls annual birthday shots done.
I have to post a few of my favorites to show off the girls, not to mention Jessie's mad photography skills. I think he's just so talented, and dreamy *sigh*. Ahem. There are more on Jessie's blog as well.

Some of these were taken at the gardens we went to for their "official" 2 and 1 year pics, the first two of Theia were taken in our backyard by Jessie. I've noticed that our backyard always looks a lot better from the perspective of Jessie's camera lens.


Nyla said...

Wonderful pictures! The girls look so sweet.

Your backyard looks beautiful too!

Jen S said...

Gorgeous pictures! He is good with the camera!! Of course, he has beautiful subject matter! :)

4under3 said...

Ahhhh! The cuteness!!! The pictures are adorable!

First I noticed your sidebar picture of the girls in the purple flowers...then more pictures in today's post.

Bravo, Bravo!! They're great!

Liz @ My Full Cup said...

WOW! Beautiful pictures. Your girls are so sweet!

I love taking pictures of my kids too! :)