Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Blog Name

Since it seems rather rude to keep referring to Ingrid as a "bump", I have changed my blog name to Jessie's Girls. Now I need to get the Rick Springfield background music to go along with it - although I can't see how the lyrics would be relevant to anything in my blog. Eventually I'll have to get around to updating my header photo and whatnot, but I seem to be spending a lot of time nursing these days :)
Its nearly impossible to post without a photo


4under3 said...

Ohhhhh! Precious! I love this photo. And yes, nursing...a busy and wonderful thing to do.

I miss it!


Michelle said...

Love the name. Loved the song, because I was, after all, a graduate of the 80's and who "didn't" want to be Jessie's girl. Oh, and we would expect nothing less than for you to post a picture every time you blog. She's too cute not to show off a little!

Anonymous said...

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