Saturday, August 16, 2008


We have arrived at our "babymoon resort" where we will remain until this baby decides to make its appearance. If you're going to use up all your vacation days for childbirth anyways, this is definitely the way to do it! Our midwife really should use us as her poster child family - this is the second time (in 13 months) that we have travelled across our state to use her services. We are so comfortable with her and her associates that we've hardly given finding another midwife a second thought. If you are going to give birth at home it is so important that you have absolute confidence in your attendant's ability to assess a situation and address it appropriately, and we've just never found anyone whose experience comes close to ours. Plus, we just like them!
We are staying at a summer rental home that belongs to a friend of ours. It is right down the street from a beautiful lake, just a couple blocks from our friends (on the street where we used to live) and only 3 miles from Lake Michigan! Hopefully tomorrow we will get to spend some time lakeside. We'll be posting a lot this week so we can keep family and friends back home up to date with events. We are loving this house so far, and so are the girls! It is so relaxing to be here. In a few days we will be joined by my mom and three of my brothers, aged 17, 15, and 11. The girls will be thrilled to have their uncles to "play" with.
Here are some indoor pictures of the house:

Theia likes her little trundle bed. Well see how well she stays put while we're here. Her latest trick is climbing into the crib or pack n play with Eliza as soon as I leave the room.

These cuties will be Theia and Eliza's playmates while we're here. Sharon, 5, Katie, 4, Josiah, 3, and Wesley, 19mos. They're our kind of people!

They were so kind to share their stash of recently captured toads with Theia.


Jen S said...

Looks like a great place to be! I'll look forward to the updates. :)

Nyla said...

I want to stay looks so pretty! Thanks for updating us during all of this! So exciting!

Lily Pad PR said...

oh, your soon-to-be birthing experience sounds like a dream! hope you're doing okay... happy babymooning!!!